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Brad Gledhill and Rachel Marlow work collaboratively as Filament Eleven 11

to create dynamic production designs and lighting environments.

Together they enjoy the process of working with many talented companies including

Fractious Trash (Earnest Not Psycho, The Effect),

Last Tapes (Valerie, Earnest)

SILO  (Boys will be Boys, Peter and The Wolf, Mr Burns,, Here Lies Love)

ATC (Red Speedo)

Nightsong (Head, 360, Te Po, Spirit House)

Red Leap (Dust Pilgrim, Kororareka)

The Blackbird Ensemble (The Wilderness, The Night Sky, Dreams)

Filament Eleven 11 create installation art


Light is Like Water (Monster Valley’s The

Canopy (Art in the Dark),

UNTITLED WALL( Boys Will Be Boys),

Myer’s Park Underpass installation Detour: Enter the Dark, 

Dissension Ascending; a light exhibition (Q Vault, Auckland Fringe)

Orchid Wall Lights (Here Lies Love))

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